Organizational Processes and Support

It is essential that individuals and teams are set up for success, yet so many accidents highlight unintended, systemic flaws at Organization level that combined to set Operational personnel up for failure. A systems approach to safety has been advocated for decades and is becoming mandatory in the Industry. Thought Process Aviation Services can provide advice and assistance in:

1. Organizational Development through the management of complexity, the development of Organizational resilience and the assurance of high reliability.

2. Implementing Process-Based management systems, SMS development and safety culture development.

3. The implementation and development of Occurrence and Hazard reporting systems.

4. Electronic systems to support the SMS.

5. The implementation and development of Base Safety Programs.

6. Occurrence / Accident investigation: advice and assistance on internal investigations.

7. The Safety and Quality aspects of Contract acquisition, preparation, mobilisation and execution.

8. The development of operational standards and procedures.

9. Frameworks for risk-based auditing focussed on highlighting latent risk factors.

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