Offshore Aviation Safety Advisor Training Program

The aim and objectives of this Offshore Aviation Safety Advisor Training Program are to provide participants with a wide range of Aviation Safety (knowledge) and Offshore Operational Procedures (skills) to fulfill their daily roles and responsibilities.

The Training Program has been developed as an online “Learning Path” and participants will have to complete several Training Programs and assessments to obtain this qualification.

It will consists of the following Training Programs: 1) Aviation Flight Safety Certificate, 2) CAP437 Helideck Inspection Certificate, 3) Human Factors Oil & Gas Certificate, 4) IOGP 690 Audit Awareness Training and 5) Reviewing the Flight Safety Foundation’s BARS Offshore Helicopter Operations Safety Performance Requirements Implementation Guidelines.

We have developed the Training Program to be completed online, but there will also be several Modules that will be deliver via webinar.


Designed by highly experienced Offshore Aviation Advisors and Helicopter Pilots for all personnel that will fulfill the roles and responsibilities of an Offshore Aviation Safety Advisor.

This video is an extract from the CAP437 Helideck Inspection Program that is part of this Training Program.

Recommended for:

This Program is designed and tailored for personnel that will be appointed as Offshore Aviation Safety Advisors within the Oil and Gas Industry.

It must be emphasised that this Program only provides a foundation for most of the Quality and Safety related matters that are required for Safe Offshore operations.

Note: Once appointed as an Offshore Aviation Safety Advisor within in a company, there may be other induction and safety training that will have to be completed.

Experience Levels

It is strongly recommended that participants must have at least have 5 years experience within the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.


The Training Program can be completed at your own pace from home or work, but we have set a target timeframe of 90 days to complete all the individual Audit Reviews and Certificate Programs.

The IOGP and Flight Safety Foundation audit training will be delivered via webinar (ZOOM conference).


The Training Program is priced as follows:

  1. Aviation Flight Safety Certificate US$1,200
  2.  CAP437 Helideck Inspection Certificate US$775
  3.  Human Factors Oil and Gas US$275
  4.  IOGP 690 Auditing Awareness Training and Checklist Completion US$775
  5.  Flight Safety Foundation (BARS Offshore Standard Review) US$525

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