Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Crew Resource Management Training Program

‘Human Factors’ is the study of human error.  This Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training Program is designed to address the human factor for Drone Pilots, the specific challenges they may face and the typical errors that may occur in RPAS Operations.

CRM training and Human Factor training, used extensively in the traditional Aviation industry, provides much of the foundation and material for this program.

The Aim of this program is to:

  • broaden knowledge of human factors in the field of unmanned aircraft operations. Knowledge of our human machine is very important, and will enable RPL Pilots to perform the multi-functional tasks required in the safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft.


This Program has been developed by experienced Airline and Drone pilots to provide new pilots with a basic understanding of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Human Factors & Limitations and Threat & Error Management principles.

Program Overview

This Drone and UAV CRM Training Program consists of 5 Parts, namely:

  • UAV CRM Introduction
  • UAV CRM Module 1 – Personality & Behavior
  • UAV CRM Module 2 – Communications
  • UAV CRM Module 3 – Human Performance and Limitations
    UAV CRM Module 4 – Decision-Making and Risk Assessment
  • UAV CRM Module 5 – Situational Awareness
  • UAV CRM Module 6 – Culture, Leadership and Teamwork
  • UAV CRM Module 7 – Threat and Error Management

Recommended for:

All operational personnel and pilots involved with Drone and UAV operations.

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