Maintenance Line Operations Safety Analysis (M-LOSA)

Maintenance Line Operations Safety Analysis (M-LOSA) is a predictive tool for the identification of latent risk factors inherent in an organization’s maintenance system.

M-LOSA has been derived from the original LOSA programs developed for flight operations. LOSA was introduced into airline operations in the late 1990s and has had ongoing and increasing success in reducing threats and errors in flight operations.

By 2008 the success of LOSA prompted the FAA to sponsor M-LOSA programs in the US, but the practice has now spread world-wide, with M-LOSA now being contractually required by many major Clients e.g., Oil & Gas Corporations.



This M-LOSA APP is designed to support Maintenance Organisations to conduct a detailed analysis of all the potential threats and errors that may occur during day-to-day inspections and servicings.

M-LOSA Implementation

The successful implementation of our MLOSA Program is captured through a very detailed Management of Change (MoC) that covers 32 organizational processes.

This MoC will ensure that all levels within the organization are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities to effectively manage all aspects of the MLOSA Program.


M-LOSA APP & Database

Thought Process Aviation Services has developed a customized MLOSA APP to seamlessly capture data during observations. The APP can be launched on any device and do not require any Wi-Fi to be fully operational.

Additional functionality of the APP includes the following: add notes, uploading media (photos, files, etc.) and assigning any actions (if required).

On completion of the observation, the MLOSA report will automatically sync with an online and secure server. From here the information can easily be validated and directed to a tailored dashboard for easy visualization.


M-LOSA Reports

The online and secure database will capture all the observations conducted on the assigned devices (iPads, iPhones, etc.) and provide the organization with a platform to view all reports.

Reports can either be exported in PDF or WORD documents, so they can easily be upload onto other company Safety and Quality Systems.

M-LOSA Deliverables and Training

  1. M-LOSA Management of Change (MoC)
  2. M-LOSA Implementation Plan
  3. M-LOSA Training Plan
  4. M-LOSA Observer Training
  5. M-LOSA Operational Procedural Manual
  6. M-LOSA APP and Secure Database

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