Helicopter Line Operational Safety Audit (H-LOSA) Software

Our H-LOSA solution has been developed by highly qualified Offshore Helicopter Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that specialise in Accident Investigation, Behavioural Science and Human Factors.

The H-LOSA Program has been developed from several offshore accident analyses over the last 40-years and several offshore safety cases.  Unlike other LOSA providers, our H-LOSA turnkey solution has been fully tailored for the helicopter industry.

Helicopter Line Operational Safety Audit (H-LOSA) Software with the following capabilities and solutions:

  • Tailored H-LOSA App that makes in-flight observations very effective and simplistic.
  • H-LOSA App is available on all devices and can be used offline.
  • Online and Secure H-LOSA database with customised dashboards.
  • Dashboards will provide a detailed summary of all the Threats, Errors and Adverse Helicopter States that have been captured during a particular flight.
  • Our H-LOSA program will also have access to our bespoke 3D animated Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Program (HFDM) Program.
  • The H-LOSA and HFDM data will further be analysed to assist helicopter operators with the development of their own Evidence Based Training (EBT) Program.
  • Another unique feature of our H-LOSA solution is to fit a cost effective and sophisticated onboard camera that will capture a wide view of the cockpit and fully integrate with active cockpit recordings and external communications.


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