Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) and 3D Analytical Software

A new and tailored Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) Software Product that will be able to do the following:

  • Event / Trigger monitoring that is aligned for each company’s flight envelope and HFDM parameters.
  • High fidelity 3D Flight Analytical Tool with live elevation and terrain data (supporting any helicopter type) and will have the following capabilities:
    • Onshore operations (EMS, Police, etc.) showing mission profiles and route evaluations.
    •  Offshore operations to and from a platform (helideck heading, height and position 100% adjustable). Our offshore solution will be the first product in the Industry and for the first time ever, Helicopter Operators will have the ability to analyse and review offshore landing and take-off profiles.
    • The HFDM Manager will have access to several camera angles to review the animation and the flight profile. This is a massive improvement compared to other FDM / HFDM Programs that transfer flight profiles to Google Earth and X-Plane that have limited camera angles and physical interaction.
    • The Program will allow operators to fast forward / rewind the animation to a specific timeframe.
  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) Reporting.
  •  Accident reconstruction and Incident 3D animated solutions


This Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Program (HFDM) has been developed specifically for the Helicopter Industry and will greatly enhance event monitoring and the ability to generate the highest quality 3D animations that can be used for incident investigation and pilot training.

 Contact us today to get more information on this unique product and how we can support your helicopter type(s) and specific operations! We can also set-up a live demo to introduce and illustrate all the unique features of this bespoke HFDM Software Program.

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