Offshore Awareness Pilot Training Program

This Offshore Awareness Training Program has been developed to provide offshore helicopter pilots with the required knowledge and to correctly interpret the visual markings on all offshore platforms and vessels. This understanding will ensure that crews plan an approach that is clear of obstacles and conduct a safe landing.

The aim and objectives of this Awareness Training Program are:

  • Review the visual helideck markings, the significance to the crew and how to correctly interpret them;
  • Highlight the valuable information that the orientation of the ‘H’ and the name of the facility will provide to crews when conducting and planning an offshore approach;
  • Analyse the 210° Obstacle Free Sector (OFS) and 150° Limited Obstacle Sector (LOS), and
  • Discuss lessons learnt from past offshore incidents and accidents.


Designed by highly experienced Offshore Helicopter Pilots for all offshore personnel involved with helicopter operations.

Offshore Pilots will have the opportunity to review all the Visual Aids and Markings used on Offshore platforms. This Program makes use of highly detailed animations to facilitate a better learning.

Recommended for:

All new and existing offshore helicopter pilots. This is an ideal induction training program for someone new to the Offshore Industry and will be a great tool for any Helicopter Operator to have as part of their line induction training program.

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