Thought Process Aviation Services is aimed at providing the High Risk Industries (Aviation, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas) with a wide range of tailored products and services to meet every budget and address the specific organisational and operational requirements of our clients.

Our company has established several alliances and partnerships with other reputable international organisations that provide us with a competitive edge, expertise and resources to deliver a “turn key” solution for our end-users.

We are committed to customize our training programs and video solutions to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Online Training Programs and Passenger Safety Briefing Videos

Thought Process specializes in the development of online training programs and passenger safety briefing videos utilizing the highest quality of animations and graphical illustrations to facilitate learning and to enhance passenger safety and survival. Please contact us today to discuss your specific format and layout.


Thought Process Ltd specializes in the development and production of animated Safety Briefing Videos for Onshore & Offshore Helicopter Operations and already developed animated products for Airbus, Bell, Leonardo and Sikorsky types.

Our company has also started the development of a Passenger Safety Briefing Video for the DH6 Twin Otter and we are committed to further expand this part of our business to provide similar solutions to the Airline Industry and Business Jet Sectors.

Since our animated products are of such a high quality, we have also utilized our expertise and offshore experience to develop a detailed online CAP 437 Awareness Training Program (based on the 8th Edition), Dangerous Goods Awareness training for all offshore personnel involved with helicopter operations and an Offshore Pilot Safety Awareness Program.


Thought Process Aviation Services provides a fully customized and tailored Aviation Learning Management System (ALMS). This ALMS provides companies with a platform that is cost effective and user-friendly to deliver all in-house training. This has the benefit of saving companies significant amounts in accommodation, overtime, travel expenses and minimize crew scheduling challenges.

The ALMS can be fully branded with company logos and a digitally signed certificate that is issued on the successful completion of any course. The platform also has a wide variety of functions where Administrators and Managers can monitor and track staff performances, as well as generate reports that can be used for External Audits and Management meetings.

Contact us today to discuss your own training requirements and how we can provide a cost effective ALMS for your organisation.

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