Tailored Bow Tie Training and Safety Case Development

Offshore wind power will undergo significant expansion over the next two decades, boosting efforts to decarbonise energy systems and reduce air pollution as it becomes a growing part of electricity supply, according to an International Energy Agency report published today.

With this rapid growth and expansion there are the associated operational risks and safety standards that must be effectively managed and maintained to reduce the probability of a serious incident or accident occurring.

A vital component in proactively establishing a framework to mitigate the overall risks levels and have adequate safety barriers and control measures in place, is to develop a tailored Offshore Wind-Power Safety Case.



Designed by highly experienced Aviation, Marine and Offshore Safety Professionals.

This tailored Offshore Wind Safety Training Program will provide Aviation Advisors and HSE personnel with both the knowledge and skills to develop a bespoke Safety Case with the assistance of using the “Bow Tie” methodology.

The Training will consist of both an online component (with detailed objectives and assessments) and several practical sessions that will be delivered via ZOOM.  

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