UAV Inspection and Consultancy Services

Thought Process Ltd provides a wide range of UAV Onshore and Offshore Inspection and Consultancy Services, these include (but are not limited to):

1. Inspection & Monitoring

2. Surveying & Mapping

3. Consulting / Research and Development

4. CAP 437 Helideck Inspections

5. CAP 437 Gap Analysis

6. Ice Berg Monitoring

7. Development of UAV Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures

8. Safety Management Systems (SMS) tailored for UAV Operators

9. Accreditation and Special Over Flight Clearances

10. Operational Audits of UAV Operators

Thought Process Ltd has established an alliance with Approach Geomatics in Newfoundland, Canada to become the sole UAV provider for all Onshore and Offshore Services in the province and Canada for specialized UAV applications.

The established alliance provides the end user with an unique combination of UAV capabilities & payloads, Engineering Solutions & Support, together with extensive International Offshore Pilot experience (17 years).

This provides the end user with a complete and holistic solution to all UAV products and services for companies operating in high risk environments, such as Oil & Gas and Utility Industries.

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Online Training Programs and Passenger Safety Briefing Videos

Thought Process specializes in the development of online training programs and passenger safety briefing videos utilizing the highest quality of animations and graphical illustrations to facilitate learning and to enhance passenger safety and survival.

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Onshore UAV Services

Structural Inspections

Towers (300-400 ft)

Contour Mapping

Power Utility Industries

Coastline Erosion Monitoring

Mining Asset Volumes

Offshore UAV Services

CAP 437 Helideck Inspections

Ice Berg Location and Mapping

CAP 437 GAP Analysis

Structural Inspections

Flare Tip Inspections

Rapid Offshore Search and Rescue

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