Aviation training programs for pilots
Simulator Training

Thought Process has established Simulator Training Programs in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe and the USA to ensure we can provide our clients with the best located training facilities at competitive rates and flexible schedules.

Our Simulator Training Programs are of a very high standard and can be tailored for Airlines and individual crews. We provide our customers with a cost effective solution for both Airbus, ATR, BAE, Bell, Bombardier, Boeing, De Havilland, Embraer, Eurocopter, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, SAAB and Sikorsky Training Programs and is designed for both initial and recurrent type ratings.

Thought Process will also assist all clients with Letter of Invitations (LOIs), Visa applications, Accommodation, Transport and any additional requests or support that may require before or during the simulator training

                        Boeing Simulators

Boeing Flight Simulator Training Programs Africa    Aviation Web-Based Training Boeing    Boeing 737-300 Flight Simulator Training Programs Australia
 Boeing 727-200       Boeing 737-200      Boeing 737-300 

Boeing 737-400 Flight Simulator Training Programs Asia    Boeing 737-500 Flight Simulator Training Programs Canada    Boeing 737-700 Flight Simulator Training Programs Europe
Boeing 737-400        Boeing 737-500      Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator Training Programs Australia    Boeing 747-300 Flight Simulator Training Programs USA    Boeing 747-100 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs USA 
Boeing 737-800       Boeing 747-300       Boeing 747-400

Boeing 757-200 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs Asia    Boeing 767-300 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs Europe    Boeing 777-300 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs USA                    
 Boeing 757-200       Boeing 767-300       Boeing 777-300

                               Other Types

BAE 146 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training    King Air 300 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training    DC9 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training   
      BAE 146              King Air 300                 DC 9 
ATR 42 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training    ATR 72 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training    C 130 Aircraft Flight Simulator Training
       ATR 42                  ATR 72                  C130          

AS350B2 Helicopter Flight Simulator Training    EC135 Helicopter Flight Simulator Training    S76C+/++ Helicopter Flight Simulator Training
    AS350B2                  EC135                  S76C+/++ 

AS3332 Helicopter Flight Simulator Training       
     Bell 412                 AS3332                   EC225

S61 Helicopter Flight Simulator Training   
        S61                        S92
                        Airbus Simulators

Airbus 310 Flight Simulator Training Programs Australia    Airbus 319/320 Flight Simulator Training Programs USA    Airbus 330/340 Flight Simulator Training Programs Asia
     Airbus 310          Airbus 319/320        Airbus 330/340

                              Other Types


Bombardier CRJ 200 Flight Simulator Training Programs     Bombardier CRJ 700 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs     Bombardier CRJ 900 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs
       CRJ  200                CRJ 700                  CRJ 900

Bombardier CRJ 1000 Aircraft Simulator Training Programs
      CRJ 1000 

                               De Havilland

De Havilland Dash 8-100 Web based Flight Simulator Training    De Havilland Dash 8-300 Web based Flight Simulator Training    De Havilland Dash 8-400 Web based Flight Simulator Training
     Dash 8-100             Dash 8-300            Dash 8-400

Embraer EMB 145 Web based Flight Simulator Training
   Embraer EMB 170 Web based Flight Simulator Training   Embraer EMB 190 Web based Flight Simulator Training
      EMB 145                EMB 170               EMB 190

                   McDonnell-Douglas (MD)

McDonnell Douglass MD-11 Web based Flight Simulator Training
   McDonnell Douglass MD-80 Web based Flight Simulator Training   McDonnell Douglass MD-83 Web based Flight Simulator Training
       MD-11             MD-80              MD-83

                       Fokker Aircraft

   Fokker F50           Fokker F70          Fokker F100

Contact us today to discuss your individual or organisational training needs and to obtain a detailed cost analysis. 

IMPORTANT: Please be informed that we only complete type ratings for crews (minimum 2 pilots) - not for individuals.

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