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Medical Resource Management

Medical Resource Management
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What is Medical Resource Management (MRM) aimed at?

This course was specifically designed for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) where there are a combination of interactions between the various professions, including pilots, aircrew men, doctors, flight nurses, paramedics, operations, engineers and management to some degree.  Although these staff members operate as a group of experts within their own discipline, it is important to establish synergy amongst the members so that they can operate as an effective team.  All members of the EMS Team have a role and responsibility to fulfil in achieving a safe outcome of the flight and provide a professional service to transport the patient from A to B.

Medical Resource Management Training

As with other high-risk industries, the human component will always remain one of the most value assets with the system.  However, due to our nature we are prone to “err” and there has been many incidents and accidents in industries such as Aviation, Rail, Medical, Space, Nuclear, etc. where human error was sited as a contributing factor.  This figure sometimes as high as 70-80%. Due to the cost involved in these accidents and the reputation of these industries, significant investments has been made to provide staff with the necessary training that is aimed at reducing this high percentage of human related incidents and/or accidents.  MRM is one form of such Training Program that is designed to provide EMS personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate safely in a high risk environment.

MRM as an Error Prevention Tool

As mentioned before, although humans are the most flexible and valuable asset within any system, industries need to accept that “human error” related incidents and or accidents will never be completely eliminated.  The organisational culture need to be a “Just Culture” where staff members are encouraged to openly report hazards and incidents to their safety departments without the fear of appraisal or disciplinary action.  Subsequent investigations need to focus on WHY it happened and HOW the system (policies, procedures, workplace design, etc.) needs to be adjusted to better suit the human component.  This MRM course introduces the concept of 5th Generation CRM or Threat and Error Management (TEM) where errors are either avoided if possible, trapped before escalating with other factors and lastly mitigating the consequences returning the system to a normal and more manageable condition.

MRM Objectives

a) To enhance awareness of human factors, this could cause or exacerbate incidents, and may affect the safe conduct of aero-medical operations.

b) To enhance knowledge of human factors and develop TEM skills and attitudes which when applied appropriately could prevent incipient accidents and incidents whether perpetrated by technical or human factor failings.

c) To use TEM knowledge, skills and attitudes to conduct and manage all aspects of operations, and fully integrate these techniques throughout every facet of the EMS culture, so as to prevent the onset of incidents and potential accidents.

d) To use these skills to integrate a commercially efficient aero-medical operation with safety.

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