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Helideck Inspection Awareness and Auditing Course

This Helicopter Inspection Awareness and Auditing (HIAA) Course has been developed to provide Helideck Inspectors, Offshore Installation Managers (OIMs), Health/Safety/Environment (HSE) pers
onnel and Rig Operators with the following set of knowledge and practical skills to safely and successfully audit and inspect offshore landing platforms and/or surfaces prior to commencing offshore helicopter operations.

On completion of the theoretical part of the course, participants will have developed a thorough understanding of the following aspects:

1.  Discuss the requirements to conduct offshore safety audits and regular inspections of platforms prior to starting helicopter operations;
2.  Outline the various documents and regulations with regards to certifying and developing offshore landing areas;

3.  Develop an understanding of the following requirements as outlined in CAP 437:

    a. Helicopter Performance criteria
    b. Helicopter Landing areas - Physical Characteristics
    c. Visual
Aids and Lighting Requirements
    d. Required Operational Standards (Weather Reporting, Radios, etc.)
Helideck Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities
    f. Offshore Refuelling facilities
    g. Helicopter Winching Areas
4.  On completion of the theoretical part of the course, participants will complete an open book exam and utilise all the resources provided during the course.

5.  The final assessment is aimed to ensure the classroom knowledge is transferred into a practical set of skills that are aimed at:
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    a. conducting a physical inspection of a helideck, 
    b. completing an audit report, and
    c. outlining the areas that are unsatisfactory.

This course has been developed by Helicopter Aircrew and Helicopter Landing Officers with extensive experiences in the Oil and Gas Industry and are familiar with the requirements of establishing a safe offshore landing environment for all helicopters types. 

Although the course is not helicopter specific, all the different helicopter types flying offshore will be discussed individually with their relevant operational and technical details.

On successful completion of both the theoretical and practical assessments, participants will receive an awareness certificate that provides them with the qualifications to conduct their own internal helideck audits and inspections as part of their Company Operational requirements.

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