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Aeronautical Decision-Making

Aeronautical Decision Making
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What is Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) aimed at?

ADM was specifically designed by Thought Process to address a range of safety and cockpit management issues relating to single pilot operations.  Unlike CRM, ADM focuses on the interaction of various crewmembers (flight operations, engineers, aircrewmen, etc.) and analysing the available information to formulate a decision or course of action.  ADM focuses on the operational stressors and factors that may influence the decision-making and risk management processes performed by the single pilot.  The concept of the ADM program is to provide single-engine helicopter pilots with the skills and knowledge to enhance professional airmanship skills, such as good judgement and increase levels of situational awareness, necessary for sound decision-making on-board the helicopter.  

Aeronautical Decision-Making Training

The term “pilot error” has frequently been used in past literature and accident reports to describe an accident cause and is an oversimplification, implying that the pilot intended to have an accident.  Professional helicopter pilots intend to fly safely, but they sometimes make decisional and judgement errors – like all of us.  Their skill or luck is often sufficient to get them out of situations resulting from poor judgement. The objective of this ADM package is to teach the single pilot methods on how to manage all available resources and to exercise good judgement to avoid situations that require luck or skill greater than their capabilities.  The course also discusses the organisational accident and analyses how managerial decisions, regulatory issues and commercial pressures (latent failures/conditions) can combine with active failures in the cockpit to create a window of opportunity for an accident or serious incident to happen.

ADM as an Error Prevention Tool

As long as humans (pilots included) are involved in the design and operation of various technological advanced systems, some degree of error will be present and this may ultimately contribute to an accident or a series of incidents.  This give rise to the statement that human error is inevitable (Reason, 1997).  By no means does this remove individual responsibility for violating procedures or operating in an unsafe and unprofessional manner.  It does however provide us with a framework to manage error in our daily operations.  The Reason Error Management Model provides us with a set of countermeasures with three lines of defence.  Firstly, to avoid error; secondly, to trap errors before they occur and thirdly, to mitigate the consequences.  This Model will be discussed in detail as part of the ADM course.

ADM Objectives

a) To provide the single-pilot with the opportunity to identify all available resources that may be accessed during flight to reduce cockpit workload and increase situational awareness;

b) To fully analyse the concept of human error and how to effectively manage this as part of the flight, utilising an error management model;

c) To discuss factors such as hazardous attitudes and how this may impact on the safe outcome of the flight and contributing to poor judgement chains, and;

d) To present various decision-making models that will contribute to sound judgement.

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