Distance Learning Safety Management Training Program

Thought Process Ltd has developed an Internationally Recognized Distance Learning Safety Management Training Program that is specifically tailored in providing Flight Safety Officers with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to successfully fulfill their assigned duties and responsibilities.

The course has been divided into 3 Major Modules, namely:

Module 1:

Flight Safety Officer –
Roles and Responsibilities

Module 2:

Investigations –
Processes and Techniques

Module 3:

Safety Management Systems (SMS) –
Implementation and Database Management

Each of the above Modules are designed to be a stand-alone Training Program

That can be completed individually over a 3-months period to obtain a Certificate in Aviation Safety Management.

We also have a complete electronic (web-based) SMS database

This will capture and facilitate all the ICAO requirements for occurrence/incident reporting and investigations, hazard identification, risk management, causal and trend analyses, internal audits and management reports.

If you require any additional enquiries about this Distance Learning Training Program or SMS database, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on a detailed course syllabus and demo version of the SMS database.

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