Animated and Online CAP 437 Helideck Inspection Awareness Training Program

The aim of the Online CAP 437 Helideck Inspection Awareness Training Program is to provide offshore personnel that are involved in helicopter inspections and operations with the necessary knowledge of relevant helideck design features.  The Program clarifies the markings, visual aids and lighting systems that are in use on a wide variety of platforms and vessels in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The Program will also explain the various environmental conditions and factors that impact on performance and safety; and how it’s important to take this into account not only during the initial planning phases, but also the actual approach offshore.

It covers the first 6 Chapters of CAP437 and is presented in 4 Parts. Our Program utilizes detailed graphics and high quality animations to ensure all participants develop a sound understanding of all the information presented in the CAP. There is an open book assessment on completion of the Program.

This is a prerequisite for completing the animated and online Practical Helideck Auditing / Inspection Program (currently under development – should be available 2nd QTR this year). We also offer an electronic Helideck Inspection checklist via iAuditor for both CAP437 and HSAC.


Designed by highly experienced Offshore Helicopter Pilots for all offshore personnel involved with helicopter operations.

Offshore personnel will have the opportunity to review a wide variety of platforms and vessels that are used in the Industry and additional planning and safety considerations that needs to be highlighted.

The Program uses state of the art 3D graphics and fully animated AW189 and S92A helicopters to facilitate and support the objectives and learning experience.

Recommended for:

All personnel involved with offshore helicopter operations and helideck inspections/certifications, offshore helicopter pilots, helideck crews including HLOs/HDAs, helideck maintenance personnel, asset and offshore installation managers, logistic and HSE personnel, aviation advisors, helideck design / manufacturers and persons or agencies with an interest in helideck standards (for example: National Civil Aviation Authorities, Governmental HSEQ, Offshore Oil & Gas and Windfarm Aviation, Engineering and Logistical representatives).

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