Aviation training programs for pilots

Available Courses

The courses we have available can be tailored to specifically address your organisational and operational needs, both from a cost perspective and to fulfil any contractual or regulatory requirements. 

Click on each course below for additional information:

Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) - Single Pilot Operations

Crew Resource Management (CRM) - Multi-Crew Operations 

Medical Resource Management (MRM) - Aero-Medical Operations

Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) - Aircraft Maintenance Operations

Threat and Error Management (TEM) - Management, Supervisors and personnel involved in High Risk Industries (IATA approved)

If your organisation requires any of the courses below, please contact us to obtain more information.

Flight Dispatcher Course (FDC) - ICAO course approved and endorsed by the South African CAA. Contact us today for a detailed course syllabus, availability and dates for 2010.

Aviation Safety Investigation – providing knowledge & skills in aviation safety investigation techniques.

Aviation Safety Management – training for Safety Managers (CASR 119-165 requirements)

Risk Management – ‘practical’ hazard identification & risk management for aviation. operations.

Accident Site Safety – training to FAA/ATSB Blood Borne Pathogen requirements.

Web-based Human Factors Training Program for engineers - complete initial and recurrent online courses aligned with JAR-OPS

Web-based CRM Training Program - complete initial and recurrent online courses aligned with JAR-OPS

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Helideck Landing Officer (HLO):
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Helideck Inspection Awareness and Audting Course:
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